Diversity and Inclusion

Concrete Steps for Recruiting, Supporting, and Advancing URMS
Diversity Flowchart
Diversity Table Worksheet
Resources for First Gen/Low Income Scientists
Biomed Conference for Minority Students
Society for Chicano/Hispanics and Native Americans
Out in STEM
Association for Higher Education and Disability
Inclusive STEM Teaching Project
How to Apply to Graduate School
Family-Friendly Initiatives in NIH Grants
Pre-doctoral Fellowship Cheat Sheet

Cool Science Resources

Connected Papers
Meta-Resources for Cognitive Neuroscience
The Writing Workshop
Colorblind Palettes
Journal/Author Name Estimator
Growing Up in Aging Neuroscience Webinar Series
Gender Citation Balance Indexing Tool

Learning Neuroimaging / fMRI

Andy’s Brain Blog
CogNeuroStats Wiki
MVPA Meanderings
practiCal fMRI
spm12 starter guide
CANLAB Brain Patterns
Principles of fMRI
Intro to brain encoding and decoding

Learning Computational Neuro

Tutorial on Drift Diffusion Models
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Course
Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Lab: Model Based RL

Learning R

R Cookbook
Pirates guide to R
R for Data Science
R Graph Gallery
Top 50 ggplot2 Visualizations

Learning to Program

Intro to Programming for Psychologists
Data Gymnasia
Missing Semester of your CS Education

Learning Bayes and LME

Michael Frank’s Experimental Psych Lab
SOP for Linear Mixed Models
Contrast Coding & Matrices
Buildmer – Principle Random Effects Selection

For Academia and Beyond the Ivory Tower

The Professor Is In
Branching Points
Broad Inquiry Project (check me out!)
Job Hero Academic Career Research Guide
Psychology Jobs and Internships

Women in Neuroscience

Anne’s List
Bias Watch Neuro
Women in Neuroscience Repository
Women in Cognitive Control