R Tutorials

Below are some R tutorials that I’ve co-developed and co-led with  Sara Weston. As senior graduate students, we’ve led an assortment of R workshops for the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department at Washington University, including an introductory R workshop for incoming first year graduate students and mini-workshops on more advanced topics for the entire department. Below are PDF slides, but feel free to email us if you have any questions.

R Resources Handout (PDF)
This is a list of a resources that Sara and I have found to be immensely useful over the years. This list has now been published online as well.

Introductory R Workshop to Incoming Graduate Students (updated August 2016)
1: Introduction to R
2: Action! (Operators and Functions)
3: Getting What You Need (Packages, Files, Loading, Saving)
4: Action Again! (Operations and Functions Part 2)

Advanced Mini-R Workshops (updated June 2017)
Advanced ggplot: Customizing your plots (PDF)
Bootstrapping and Simulations (PDF) (Code)
broom and tidyr packages (PDF)(Code)
Documenting analyses in R (PDF)
dplyr package (PDF)
psych package (PDF)
Creating Publication-Ready Word Tables in R (PDF)
Text mining in R (PDF)
Pirate Plots (PDF)

Looking to teach R? Check out some resources below!
Tips for teaching R
Adding statistics to your ggplots

Want more R?
If your satiation for R isn’t satisfied, check out the fantastic R workshop by William Revelle, David Condon, and Sara Weston at the APS 2017 convention.